We have been a part of the gastronomy world for more than 20 years. We started modestly but with a great vision of providing the best catering services in Slovakia one day in the future. We have lived this great dream every day thanks to our team of professionals, from chefs to event managers. Thanks to them, our work makes sense and every catering service is of a high standard.

Our vision

Providing trendy, eco-friendly catering that exceeds your expectations.

Our values

  • honesty
  • individual approach
  • environmental protection
  • elimination of additives and preservatives


Why us


  • quality guarantee
  • very good technological background and own inventory
  • creative selection of tailor-made menus
  • the ability to cater for any event at any location
  • our kitchen is adapted to cooking meat dishes through vegetarian to special dietary restrictions
  • hygiene and safety, we are holders of the ISO 22000 certificate, hygiene and food quality control audits are performed at our premises regularly
  • we use high-quality ingredients from leading suppliers, we support free-range egg breeding, grow our own herbs and season with organic spices without added glutamate
  • we have catered for hundreds of major events
  • we have a team of top experts


What is catering?


The whole event production always has the possibility to perform a test and modify the scenario as needed. However, catering is always done for real and it is not possible to do tests or repairs.
It is not just about a delicious meal, creativity and fresh ingredients. Catering is a service where the right timing, professionalism of people, logistics and cutting-edge technical facilities form an important part of high-standard catering B&B Sharkam catering is a masterful catering story with exceptional people and unmatched service. References and satisfaction of our clients speak for us. Call us and see for yourself that B&B Sharkam catering will exceed your expectations.

Why work with us? For us, protecting the environment is not a trend but a necessity. Therefore, we prefer the most compostable and recyclable material. Waste sorting takes place in our company too. When preparing food, we prefer spices that do not contain any additives or preservatives. We cook using quality oils and animal butter. We season meals especially with sea salt and Himalayan salt. Our cakes and desserts are prepared from animal butter, animal whipped cream and eggs from barn hens

We cooperate with Slovak and foreign gastronomy experts. We are holders of the ISO 22000 certificate. We only cooperate with proven suppliers of meat and meat products.


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